Robot Wire Saw

Diamond wire saw method is a literally all-weather high-tech cutting method, not only excellent in precise dismantling works regardless of cutting depth or cutting angle but also capable of working in a limited space or underwater.

Model : G-200E, 150, 100E, 80C, 90C, 65C, ST-100E,80E

Basic Principle

Put the wire, equipped with diamond bit, around the cutting object, or drill a hole through the object, connect the wire to a ring shape, rotate and pull it for cutting.

  • G-200E
  • G-150
  • G-100A
  • G-80C
  • ST-100E
  • ST-80E
  • G-90C
  • G-65C


  • Extension, reconstruction or partial dismantling of structures requiring precise cutting
  • Hospitals, schools, public institutions, housing complexes or telephone offices where noise, dusts and vibration are expected to cause much damage
  • Dismantling of traffic facilities or urban structures that need to minimize traffic obstruction, with attention to traffic
  • Dismantling of such underwater structures as bridges and breakwaters where dismantled wastes are expected cause water pollution
  • Extension or renovation of structures of factory in operation where the equipment operation cannot be interrupted
  • Dismantling or renovation of old shopping buildings now in business in the concentration areas of buildings and shopping districts