Robot Floor Saw

Method of cutting objects by high speed rotation of large circular saw blades. Capable of cutting objects of up to 1M thickness. Widely used in cutting floors of large buildings, bridge decks and road cutting. With development of track type floor saw, it is recently progressing to the shape that enables working in uneven floor surfaces.

Robot Floor SawC-130G, 100G, 80G

The weakness of wheel-type floor saws – working on uneven floor surfaces is not easy – is supplemented with this product; the latest technology overcoming the work conditions of ordinary wheel saws.

  • C-130GP
  • C-100G
  • C-80G

Engine Floor SawC-130

Capable of cutting up to 700 mm thickness, according to equipment capacity
C-130 models, with strong power of 130hp, have excellent work efficiency

  • C-130

Electric Floor Saw C-50E, 40E

Applied to work sites with limited space and sites where exhaust makes the work impossible

  • C-50E
  • C-40E

*EGUN SYSTEM’s variety of floor Saws with specifications satisfying the needs of customers